Is the Mayor of London Secretly Supporting Radical Islamic Terrorist Groups?

When London elected its first Muslim mayor, liberals rejoiced at such a show of tolerance and progressive thinking. What might be in doubt, however, is just how tolerant this mayor really is. It to put it somewhat bluntly, is this Muslim man capable of leading one of the West's most important cities? And in what direction is he leading it?

By asking that question, we do not mean to call Mr. Khan's leadership skills into question. They may be outstanding. What is in doubt is whether he is properly committed to the values and principles the British people have established over the millennia, beliefs that are at variance with some of the teachings of Islam.

We recall that it was in 2016 that Prime Minister David Cameron suggested that Mr. Kahn has ties to Islamic terrorist groups such as ISIS. If the prime minister raised this issue, perhaps we should as well.

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