Mayor Khan: London Transport Authority Needs Fewer White Men

Mayor Khan: London Transport Authority Needs Fewer White Men

Over the last decade, leaders throughout the European Union have made clear that their agenda is to bring in as many migrants from the Middle East and Africa as possible.

Some leaders have claimed that the less white people in Europe the better.  Many refer to this concept as white genocide, and it sounds like a conspiracy theory.

But when a German politician openly proclaims that stamping out white genes in Europe is “desirable,” it is hard to dismiss this as a tin foil hat scheme.

Recently, London became the first major city in Western Europe to elect a Muslim Mayor.  While many Londoners do not take issue with Sadiq Khan’s Islamic faith, they do have reservations regarding his ties to Islamist extremists.

Now, Khan is joining in on the bandwagon of de-whitening of Europe, as he claims that the Transport for London board simply has far too many white folks.

To read how Khan plans to expunge white people from the government agency, continue reading on the next page:

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