You May Be On The Illegal Federal Gun Registry

You May Be On The Illegal Federal Gun Registry

While the Obama Administration and members of the left continue to use the recent attack in San Bernardino to push gun control in the United States, what many American gun-owners don’t realize is that their worst fears have already been realized.

When the media reports things like the suspected terrorists who attempted to purchase guns from 2004 to 2014, and they throw some statistics at you, saying that ninety-one percent of the time they succeeded, many breathe a sigh of relief and want to congratulate law enforcement on keeping an eye on these things. However, the question that most fail to ask is where they get these statistics.

One of the biggest fears by gun owners is one of being placed on a database with their names and personal information in hands of the federal government. When the National Instant Criminal Background Check System or NICS was first instituted, the law prohibited the collection of data about legal gun owners and the implantation of any registry. It looks like that’s another law the federal government feels they can ignore.

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