Maxine Waters: Impeach Trump Because Putin Invented ‘Lock Her Up’

Maxine Waters has made no secret of her desire to impeach Donald Trump. This week, on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, she explained her reasoning. She thinks Trump colluded with Vladimir Putin to win the election.

This isn’t exactly shocking information. After all, the entire Democrat party has gotten caught up in delusions of impeachment lately and Waters has led the charge. What separates Waters from the rest of her party has to do with the method of collusion. According to the liberal congresswoman, Putin may have invented the term “lock her up” — a reference to Hillary Clinton that became a common refrain during the general election. For this reason, she believes that Trump ought to be impeached.

This explanation is both laughably ridiculous and seriously misinformed. Not only does she provide no proof of the supposed “crime,” she also fails to realize that the origins of the term is widely known. It started as a chant during Chris Christie’s RNC speech last year.

But, as always, facts don’t matter to Waters. This desperate accusation just proves that the Democrats don’t have any legitimate reason to pursue impeachment. Instead of giving up, they’re grasping as straws.



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