Maxine Waters: Hillary Should Have Fired Comey, But Trump Shouldn’t Have

Maxine Waters: Hillary Should Have Fired Comey, But Trump Shouldn’t Have

“So she [Hillary Clinton] should've fired him, but he shouldn't have fired him.  This is why I'm confused.”

That was an MSNBC reporter asking a very pointed question of Representative Maxine Waters [D-CA] yesterday as she had earlier called the firing of FBI Director James Comey “suspicious.”

Leave aside the fact that this reporter may very well be fired from MSNBC for asking a Democrat about their hypocrisy, the reporter was 100% correct in his grilling of Waters.  This woman couldn't be smarter if you inserted Einstein's brain into her empty skull.  How the people of Los Angeles and its surrounding regions believe that this person is the most qualified to serve them in Congress, I will never understand.

The job of a representative is to write, introduce, read and vote on laws that are relevant and smart for your constituency, as well as for the rest of the United States.  Additionally, you're to ensure that the money being spent on such laws is not wasteful, frivolous, or unorthodox in its implementation for law.  The House of Representatives holds the purse strings of the U.S. federal government.  It alone has the power to fund or not fund a particular law or set of laws, agreement, organization, department, or committee.

Waters, however, has been more laser-focused on the impeachment of Donald Trump (even with her ridiculous contradiction last week when she said that she never called for his impeachment) and an investigation into everything from Trump's Department of Education pick to his bypassing the American mainstream media via Twitter, than in doing her actual job as representative.

In listening to this female version of the protester formerly known as reverend, Al Sharpton, I believe California is inching ever closer to the lemming's cliff, making ready to leap off at any moment if the right question is asked of Waters at the wrong time.  She is an absolute bomb waiting to blow and Lord have mercy upon the Golden State if she ever has an on-camera breakdown.

The condition of the Liberal media over this story has risen so far above the definition of “feeding frenzy” that it's a safe bet to say that the kooks can only get kookier.  Andrea Mitchell and Tom Brokaw speaking about the Nixonian nature of this story is laughable when you consider that the media has been throwing an absolute fit over the fact that Trump is not playing ball in their park.  This whole focus on his “scandals” is so artificial as to appear to be something out of P.T. Barnum's carnival-barking days:  “Step right up!  See the man who has a most unusual way of frustrating the Left to the point of insanity!  See the strange and wondrous supernatural powers of the world's most irritating man!  The Agitator…the Aggravator…the Anti-Activist…the Antichrist!  The Donald!”

Maxine Waters began the day in a press conference where she intimated over and over again that she was privy to “confidential” information about an active investigation into the president and that she couldn't reveal too much.  Then her next taxpayer-funded jaunt was a quick trip to the MSNBC confessional box on the west side of the Rotunda to step up her allegations of Russian collusion, political intrigue and dirty deeds done dirt cheap.

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