Maxine Waters Gives President Trump Till December

Maxine Waters may be old. But, she is clearly still spry enough to be flinging bull dung every which way like it’s the CA national pastime. You have to hear about her latest obnoxious ramblings about President Trump AND that complicated web of bipartisan political love affairs taking up precious brain cells in these ole gal’s minds. Pelosi loves Bush, who loves “Po0tie Poot” aka Putin, the buff shirtless outdoorsmen Waters can’t stop thinking about.” Phew! That is a tangled web of affairs. But, now you have context.

Before we go any further here are your answers:

  1. Pelosi
  2. Waters
  3. Waters

Let’s revisit that last one Waters made just this week.

“So I believe it is possible to impeach him. How long is it going to take? I don’t know, but I give it to about December,” Waters told “The Breakfast Club.”

A co-host of “The Breakfast Club,” pointed out that if Trump were impeached, that would mean that Vice President Mike Pence would become president.

“We’ll get him next,” Waters responded.

Got any proof over there Waters or just blowing so more hot CA air?

Waters explained to the panel that she thought Trump was unfit to be president long before he won the election in November, and how she has been calling for his impeachment since he took office.

“I knew that this was someone who had been involved with collusion with the Russians, in undermining our Democracy and of course 17 of our intelligence agencies said that [the Russians], certainly, they had hacked into the DNC and even the RNC,” Waters told the panel.

There is no evidence at this moment that supports Waters’ claim that Trump colluded with Russia.

NO. REALLY?! You want President Trump impeached? We didn’t know.

Tell us again,

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