Photo: Maxine Water Flies First Class During Government Shutdown

Photo: Maxine Water Flies First Class During Government Shutdown

A little thing like a government shutdown that has furloughed hundreds of thousands of federal workers isn't about to put Maxine Waters in coach. The congresswoman was spotted flying first class to DC by The Daily Caller’s Benny Johnson on Tuesday. Johnson noted that she was reading a newspaper article about herself, how concordant.

Waters has been one of the most vocal Democrats to opposed President Trump and the border wall he promised as a candidate.

“Today is day 26 of the Trump Shutdown,” Waters said on Jan. 16. “Federal workers missed their first paycheck last Friday, and still there is no end in sight to this cruel and senseless shutdown. It is truly shameful that President Trump and Congressional Republicans are so desperate to secure taxpayer funding for an irrational border wall that they’re willing to harm hard-working Americans and jeopardize national security by shutting down the federal government.

“This outrageous shutdown has furloughed 400,000 federal workers, and it’s forcing another 400,000 federal workers to work without pay.”

“These dedicated public servants go to work every day for the American people. These hardworking people keep us safe. They should not have to worry about how they will keep a roof over their heads and feed their families,” Waters said.

Democrats sure pay a lot of lip service to all these federal workers, but it seems like every time they get a chance to skip town, they hop on a taxpayer-funded plane and leave.

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