Matthews: Stop Calling ISIS Terrorists That Offensive Term

Matthews: Stop Calling ISIS Terrorists That Offensive Term

Chris Matthews of MSNBC is offended that Chris Christie referred to ISIS as animals. Somewhere in that rant he failed to come up with a better term. He also claims that Republicans are promoting hatred of Muslims. That's a very broad accusation with absolutely no proof to back it up. 

First of all, being a politician and saying something like that would be the equivalent of career suicide. Second, what does he expect? History is full of countries and religions hating other countries and religions for attacking their people. If somebody walked out of a crowd and sucker-punched you, it would be inhuman to not be angry about it.

But let's get back to the fact that Matthews believes referring to ISIS as terrorists is offensive. Politically correct America has reached the point of no return. We're no longer allowed to call Muslims who attack Americans, terrorists.

We're no longer allowed to have any opinion of things involving the African American community if we're white. And we're definitely not allowed to have opinions about things involving same-sex couples if we're straight.

Why don't we all just stop talking to each other? That would solve the problem of people getting offended for labeling things what they are.

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