Matt Damon Calls for Australia-Style Gun Confiscation

The irony of all this is that when Damon was doing all this hand-wringing over what he perceived to be as an epidemic of gun violence in America, he was on tour for the latest film in a series that regularly features high amounts of violence, with and without firearms. A series, mind you, that Damon has made a fortune playing the lead role in and using the platform it gave him to indulge his hypocritical liberalism:

“Damon noted his bewilderment at the fact that mass shootings hadn’t prompted a more substantial gun control response in the U.S., saying, ‘Obviously mass shootings aren’t going to do it. There have been so many of them at this point. Sandy Hook, when those children were murdered, if that didn’t do it, you know, I just don’t know. Maybe we just need to evolve further before we can have that conversation, I don’t know.'

The action star went on to call the Australia gun ban “sensible,” adding, ‘I wish we could be sensible like that but I don’t think that’s going to happen in my lifetime.'

In response to Damon’s comments, one purported Australian left this comment.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 11.45.23 AM

Damon likely has no malicious intent behind calling for this ban as he’s been outspoken about government corruption and war. However, like so many people who are awake to government corruption, Damon misses the fact that taking guns from law-abiding citizens only leaves guns in the hands of that corruption — and criminals.

In 2013, Damon delivered a powerful speech that contradicts his call for a gun ban.

“The rule of law maximizes injustice,” explained Damon. “The rule of law is the darling of the leaders and the plague of the people. We ought to begin to recognize this. What we are trying to do is to get back to the principles, the aims and the spirit of the Declaration of Independence. This spirit is resistance to illegitimate authority.”



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