Massive Security Breach of American Intel: Dozens of Dem Congress Members Involved

Keep in mind the names of these U.S. House of Representatives members as you read the following report:

  1. Alabama – Terri Sewell (D)
  2. California – Tony Cardenas (D)
  3. California – Ted Lieu (D)
  4. California – Jackie Speier (D)
  5. California – Eric Swalwell (D)
  6. California – Mark Takano ( D)
  7. Colorado – Diana DeGette (D)
  8. Connecticut – Jim Himes (D)
  9. Florida – Gwen Graham (D) (former House member)
  10. Florida – Lois Frankel (D)
  11. Florida – Patrick Murphy (D)
  12. Florida – Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D)
  13. Iowa – Dave Loebsack (D)
  14. Indiana – Andre Carson (D)
  15. Illinois – Luis Gutierrez (D)
  16. Illinois – Robin Kelly (D)
  17. Illinois – Mike Quigley (D)
  18. Louisiana – Cedric Richmond (D)
  19. Maryland – John Sarbanes (D)
  20. New York – Yvette Clarke (D)
  21. Texas – Joaquin Castro (D)

As well, keep in mind the name of this Senator:

Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth (D)

You should take a long, hard look at this list.  What do they all have in common?  Well, obviously, they're all Jackass Party members…that's easy to see.  They are also ALL MEMBERS OF COMMITTEES DEALING WITH NATIONAL SECURITY, COUNTER-TERRORISM, MILITARY INTELLIGENCE AND NATIONAL INFRASTRUCTURE!

Here are a few committees and subcommittees of which you should make careful note.  Each of the above Congressional members either sits on or is the ranking member of the following:

  1. House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
  2. House Committee on Foreign Affairs
  3. Oversight and Government Reform Committee
  4. Armed Services Committee
  5. Homeland Security Committee
  6. Science, Space, and Technology Committee
  7. House Energy and Commerce Committee
  8. National Security and Information Technology Subcommittee
  9. Tactical Air and Land Forces Subcommittee
  10. Tactical Air and Land Forces Subcommittee
  11. Terrorism and Cybersecurity Subcommittee
  12. Emerging Threats Subcommittee
  13. Department of Defense Intelligence and Overhead Architecture Subcommittee
  14. Bipartisan Encryption Group

What makes this so significant?  What ties these names and the above committees and subcommittees together?  What is notable is that if a foreign entity, hostile to America, were to somehow gain influence with one or more of these individuals, the country would be in crisis, correct?


We shudder to think.

Except…it has happened!

This breach is not new and it is not recent.  All of the above Jackass Party members have employed the Awan Brothers.  You may or may not be familiar with them.  Approximately seven months ago, the first reports of these brothers surfaced.  It was initially disregarded by the Fake News Industrial Complex (FNIC) but Conservative media featured it prominently.  I have been following this story since January of this year, noting the strange circumstances regarding the government reaction to this massive and extremely significant breach of American intelligence.  Let's recap a few things:

According to Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group in January of this year, three brothers, Imran Awan, Jamal Moiz Awan, and Abid A. Awan, were found to have gained access to the computer accounts of DOZENS OF HOUSE MEMBERS, INCLUDING SENATOR TAMMY DUCKWORTH! They gained this access through stolen passwords! Not only were they tapping into highly Classified and Top Secret information on the Congressional computer network, they were also stealing government equipment from the offices and selling it.

As if this wasn't enough, they were purchasing IT equipment for the Congressional members and overcharging Congress with phony bills of sale for reimbursement! As soon as it was discovered that they were compromising the Democrat Congressional system of information and delving into sensitive counter-terrorism documents and intel, they were barred from the systems. Speaker Paul Ryan immediately contacted Capitol police and they were supplied with the details of the breach in security.

What happened next is that they were put into custody and charged with felonies, right?

There, you would be wrong. No, these Pakistani brothers who had also been found to have stolen $100K from an Iraqi politicians accounts as well through their government computer access, were given pink slips! That's right, they were fired and the same Democrats whose accounts were violated, rather than having them arrested, opted to allow them to leave the Capitol without hesitation!

Mystified yet? Oh, there's more.

“Investigators found that congressional information was being copied to an off-site server and they suspect the brothers of improperly accessing information and stealing congressional property,” The Daily Caller reported.

Are you seeing the big picture yet? These Muslim brothers who were working under Debbie Wasserman-Schultz since 2005 and earning in excess of $165K a year each, were supplying information to an unknown entity outside of the U.S. government; information they had copied to an off-site server!!

Worse still, two ex-employees of the same Congressional Democrats, Hina R. Alvi and Rao Abbas, have direct ties to the brothers. In fact, Hina R. Alvi is the WIFE OF IMRAN AWAN!

The three brothers lived in the same house in Lorton, Virginia that was listed in Alvi's name. She was being sued in court documents regarding financial neglect of mortgage payments and other money situations. She had worked for a host of the same Jackass Party members listed above, including Wasserman-Schultz!

Rao Abbas is another nefarious individual. He is the best friend of Imran Awan and has enlisted the help of longtime Clinton attorney, Chris Gowen! A LINK TO THE CLINTONS!! Imagine that.

According to the Daily Signal:

In March, his wife Hina Alvi, who also was on the House payroll, withdrew her children from school and left the country, the affidavit says. The Capitol Police confronted her at the airport but could not stop her.

“U.S. Customs and Border Protection conducted a search of Alvi’s bags immediately prior to her boarding the plane and located a total of $12,400.00 in U.S. cash inside. Alvi was permitted to board the flight to Qatar and she and her daughters have not returned to the United States,” the affidavit says. “Alvi had numerous pieces of luggage with her, including cardboard boxes … Your affiant does not believe that Alvi has any intention to return to the United States.”

Soon after Imran began working for Wasserman Schultz in 2005, four of his relatives appeared on the payroll of other Democrats at inflated salaries, but Democratic staffers said they were rarely seen at work. They collected $4 million in taxpayer salaries since 2009.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reported Sunday night that the FBI had joined the investigation and seized smashed hard drives from Imran’s home. The next day, the FBI apprehended him at Dulles Airport after noticing that he had purchased a ticket to Pakistan, via Qatar.

“On January 18, 2017 at 12:09 pm, an international wire transfer request form was submitted [at the Congressional Federal Credit Union] at the Longworth House Office Building in the District of Columbia, in the amount of $283,000.00, to two individuals in Faisalabad, Pakistan,” according to an affidavit.

And so, not only do we have dozens of Democrats involved at the Congressional level, we have sensitive counter-terrorism and military intelligence documents breached, off-site downloading, theft, fraud, fleeing the country, and destruction of evidence, but we have, incredibly, DEBBIE WASSERMAN-SCHULTZ ACTIVELY LOBBYING ON IMRAN'S BEHALF TO DROP THE CHARGES AND ALLOW HIM TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY!  IN ADDITION TO THIS, HIS LAWYER IS A LONG-TIME CLINTON ATTORNEY!!  Why would she do this?  What is there to hide?

Couple this with one more truly shocking piece of information:  Andre Carson and his direct and indirect ties to Muslim extremism!

The Emerging Threats Subcommittee, of which Carson is a ranking member, is responsible for much of counterterrorism oversight. It is the worst possible place for a man with Carson’s credentials.

Carson had inherited his grandmother’s seat and exploited it to promote a radical Islamist agenda. He has interfaced with a laundry list of Islamist groups from CAIR to ISNA to ICNA to MPAC. Islamists have funded Carson’s career to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars. The Center for Security Policy has put together a dossier of Carson’s connections to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood is the parent organization of many key Islamic terror groups posing a threat to our national security including Al Qaeda and Hamas.

Andre Carson shared the stage at a CAIR banquet with Sirraj Wahaj: an unindicted co-conspirator in the World Trade Center bombing who had once declared,” You don’t get involved in politics because it’s the American thing to do. You get involved in politics because politics are a weapon to use in the cause of Islam.” CAIR itself had been named an unindicted co-conspirator in terror finance.

Carson had praised Tariq Ramadan who had been barred from this country for funding Islamic terrorists.  And the Muslim politician was a co-sponsor of the Free Syria Act which attempted to aid Islamist Jihadists in Syria linked to the Muslim Brotherhood such as the Free Syrian Army.

The presence of Andre Carson on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the Emerging Threats Subcommittee has always been extremely controversial. But this latest breach involving Democrats on this committee and on other key national security committees raises serious questions about the scale and magnitude of the real problem caused by a compromised congress.

Seriously, what the hell are we doing?  We're advocating for people who have actively sought to undermine the United States of America and we're covering for criminals and terrorists and those who associate with terrorists and terror suspects!  Is there any more insane situation that could possibly play out to make this look normal and understandable?

The advocacy of Muslims in the Leftist circles and Socialist protest networks within the Party of the Jackass (which, by the way, makes up the dominant portion of that party) has gotten so out of control that they believe the safety and security of the country and its population are inferior concerns next to identity politics that view all Whites as supremacists bent on the subjugation of everyone else who is not.  The ignorance staggers the mind!

They have made pacts with people who see nothing wrong with the murder of gays by tossing them off rooftops and filming it for sport!  They have aligned with people who mitigate the status of women and girls to property!  Or who view rape as part of sharia law as entitlement to being a man!  They view sodomy of young boys as a right!  The beheading of Christians (or anyone else, Muslim or no) as law!  Honor killings!  Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)!  Mass murder by suicide bombings!

I shake my head in confusion and consternation because I believe I will never comprehend how a people so thoroughly immersed in the sciences, academia, and the arts can be so utterly devoid of intellect and reason.  I will never comprehend a movement so moronically and blissfully ignorant of a group that finds them as reprehensible and as vile as swine in a pit of mud and would just as soon slit their throats as look at them, and yet the Leftists support them, prop them up, place them above everyone else and worship at their feet, all the while moaning about Pro-Life Christians and hunters who enjoy eating venison!

The time has come for the House of Representatives and the Senate, as well as the entire U.S. Government to begin making VERY, VERY DIFFICULT CHOICES WHEN IT COMES TO WHO WE WANT TO REPRESENT US AND IN WHAT FORM THAT REPRESENTATION SHOULD TAKE PLACE.  We have gotten to a point where immigration from Muslim-dominated nations has clustered whole neighborhoods, cities and even regions of followers of Islam in order to slowly but surely alter the demographics of that area's representation.  Enough radical Muslims tightly packed into one area effects change in its chosen elected officials.  Once the elected officials are installed, then begins the relatively easy work of deconstructing Judeo-Christian values-based laws and slowly replacing it with Sharia-based laws.

Think it can't happen?  Talk to the British, the Swedes, the Germans, the Danes and the French if you think it's paranoia.  Sharia has been creeping for quite a while.  Three-star and four-star generals and admirals in our own military have been warning us for decades. See the videos below.

Wise up and be vigilant!  It's already here.

Source:  Front Page Mag / The Daily Signal 1 & 2



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