Massive Bloody Tumors Turning Up More Frequently in Pacific Marine Life

Marine biologists have also found, in one case, a great white shark off the coast of Alaska with a foot long tumor protruding from its mouth. If you take into that account and the belief that sharks are supposed to be mostly immune to tumors, this might come across as unsettling news.

Indeed, sharks had been believed to be mostly immune to tumors. Yet, recently, researchers also discovered a tumor on the head of a bronze whaler shark, also in Australian waters.

The other first was the discovery of human-style skin cancer on a coral fish in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

The causes of these tumors remain unknown, but a compelling possible explanation is radionuclide contamination from Fukushima. Among the isotopes that flooded into the Pacific Ocean are cesium-137 and strontium-90, both of which accumulate in the bodies of animals that ingest them. That means, of course, that these isotopes would also accumulate in the bodies of humans who eat contaminated fish.

Strontium-90 is particularly worrisome because it mimics calcium in the body, and therefore accumulates in bones. This dramatically raises the risk of blood and bone cancers.

Because many fish, including salmon, migrate to Alaskan waters each year using the same currents that are carrying Fukushima radionuclides eastward from Japan, it is certainly feasible that these fish could have spent the last four years ingesting radioactive isotopes, and are now starting to show cancer as a result.

If you’re tempted to believe the empty reassurances of the government, this radiation poisoning matches up perfectly with recent reports about masses of dead birds being found along the west coast and the mysterious deaths of the twenty-five whales that washed up on the shores of Alaska and British Columbia.

There’s also the fact that genuine scientists who have looked into the issue have found some disturbing evidence that there is something to be concerned about. Or you can go ahead and trust the government and their so-called “scientists”. They wouldn’t lie to you, right? Just look at their climate change statistics.








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