Mass. DA Orders Police to Stop Making Arrests for Shoplifting, Breaking and Entering, Destruction of Property

Radical far left Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins released a memo in March ordering police to stop arresting people for criminal acts such as shoplifting, breaking and entering, vandalism, and resisting arrest.

Citing “a dramatic shift in thinking around criminal justice is occurring in the United States,” the “Rollins Memo” takes a 180-degree turn from 1980s-era theory known as “Broken Windows,” which argues that maintaining order by policing low-level offenses can prevent more serious crimes. The brainchild of George L. Kelling, a criminologist, and James Q. Wilson, a political scientist, went on to inform policing strategies from New York City to Los Angeles and everywhere in between and its effectiveness has been heavily studied and debated ever since.

Rollins is obviously siding with the crowd that claims “Broken Windows” is ineffective and is embarking on a “Breaking Windows” policy that will ignore all but the gravest of offenses.

She is also giving special status to illegal immigrants by subverting ICE.

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