Mass Arrests in Germany of Anyone Critical of Islam, Merkel Policies

Mass Arrests in Germany of Anyone Critical of Islam, Merkel Policies

In an eerily-familiar move, the German government has started cracking down on citizens who are dissenting from its questionable policies.

Concerned by a sizeable rally being held by Muslim Turks in support of their ethnic homeland, Germans took to the streets in Dusseldorf to launch a counter-protest, peacefully denouncing the protestors’ inflammatory position and statements.

Although the counter-protestors were understandably upset by the Turkish agitators, they did not physically harm them and tried to keep distance between them and their opponents. In spite of their efforts to avoid violence, the German citizens were subjected to it themselves.

Eventually, the police arrived on the scene, but not to arrest the Muslims openly waving the Turkish flag in the middle of the city. Instead, they came to round up the counter-protestors and take them to prison for the crime of criticizing the Muslim provocateurs.

This is undoubtedly related to the government’s recent announcement that it would prosecute policemen who came forward with evidence that Cologne attempted to cover up multiple mass rapes because the perpetrators were Muslim.

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