Mark Cuban: Hillary Shouldn’t be Blamed for Her Email Server not Being Set Up Properly

At the end of the day, Clinton knew exactly what she was doing. She's flip flopped on this story so many times that everybody should be seeing through the facade. There's also the fact that Cuban has never dealt with anything classified. So his experiences and opinions mean very little.

“I think it was a he,” he continued. “And it just so happens that he was given immunity by the Justice Department so we haven’t had a chance to hear any of this. But for that personal server, if that admin had done his job like I had done my job doing the same thing, I would have set up filters and alerts that said any email that came with a classified header or any of the determined classified markings like the little ‘c’ Director Comey mentioned, pop it out, right? You know, create an alert that says this shouldn’t be on this system and deal with it so that you don’t, you know, consume it in this way. But the administrator didn’t do it and she didn’t know to do it because the whole time she had a very specific process in place. If it is classified, print it out and let me deal with it in hard copy, which is why she had complete confidence to say, ‘I never dealt with anything marked classified.'”

There it is! That's the typical liberal defense that Americans have gotten so used to! If at first you don't succeed, blame somebody else! In this case, it's the admin's fault, because he didn't put little dancing cats in the corner of each email with red flags that said “classified”. Never mind the fact that Clinton knows damn well what is and isn't classified. Nobody becomes that manipulative by being an idiot.





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