Turns Out That Many People Want to Give Trump a Thumping…

Carlos de la Fuente didn’t like what he heard, and the man who said it gave de la Fuente an idea. “Donald Trump is easy to pick on. He’s a character with all that hair waving in the air all the time,” he said.

The Oak Cliff native owns and operates ABC Party, a shoppe that sells party favors, balloons and hand-crafted piñatas. In the small room, employee Alex Chavez builds and molds piñatas. In a matter of minutes, yellow tissue becomes hair, black paper becomes a suit and a red strip is a bold tie. Chavez has made the store’s latest popular piñata: The Donald.

“Everybody has stress at this time, and what better than to just knock the cr*p out of Donald Trump”, de la Fuente figured.

Read the rest of this peculiar story and see the clip over at CBS

Photo: WeaselZippers



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