Manager of Trump National Golf Club Reveals Trump’s Treatment of Women in Workplace

When Lili Amini  appeared on Judge Jeanine Pirro's show, she gave a report on working for Donald Trump that few outlets want to promote.

She delves into her career working for Trump over the last decade, explaining that Trump is a demanding and seeks out effective leaders for his organizations.

She described their first meeting and how The Donald spoke to her and how she made an impression on him.

While there will be obvious jibes at her beauty, Lili Amini has run this golf course for over a decade. No easy feat if you talk to industry insiders.

Donald Trump has a cadre of professional women surrounding him, expect more of them to come forward if the left sticks to it's current plan sexism based fear mongering.

Watch the video below to ear Lili Amini's account of being employed by The Donald.



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