Man In Jail For Years – But He Didn’t Commit a Crime

Imagine being held in prison for 900 days despite the fact that you didn't commit a single crime. This is what Vasquez-Hernandez has to deal with.

According to Las Vegas Sun:

A man waiting to testify in an Oregon murder case has been held in jail as a material witness for nearly 900 days, though he has committed no crime.

Legal experts tell The Oregonian ( ) that it's exceptionally rare to be held as long as Benito Vasquez-Hernandez.

The 59-year-old man has been incarcerated at the Washington County Jail for 897 days, or just shy of two and half years. His bail was set at $500,000.

Prosecutors say Vasquez-Hernandez's testimony is essential to their case, and he probably wouldn't show up to court if released. His elder son, Eloy Vasquez-Santiago, is suspected of killing Maria Bolanos-Rivera of Hillsboro in 2012.

Civil rights advocates say Vasquez-Hernandez should be released because he is poor, has no formal education and appears to have very low mental competency. He's also an immigrant who doesn't speak English and doesn't understand the American justice system.

Vasquez-Hernandez's other son is the second material witness in the case. He was released last fall after being diagnosed with schizophrenia while serving 727 days in jail.

This goes to show that you're not safe from cops even if you've committed no crimes.

Source: Las Vegas Sun



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