Man Arrested For Making Anti-migrant Posts on Social Media

Man Arrested For Making Anti-migrant Posts on Social Media

No one enjoys being offended. And everyone at some time or another has offended someone else. Polite society suggests that we should avoid offending others with our speech or actions if at all possible, and that seems reasonable. But there are those who would require – no, insist – that we do not offend others.

Offense is often in the eye of the beholder or the ear of the hearer, and the problem is determining who is qualified to be the arbiter of offensive speech. There are lots of folks who can be offended over nothing. And why should someone else’s desire to not be offended supersede my desire to express my feelings? What if what I say is offensive but true?

The logical conundrum spins round and round, and yet that is what the purveyors of political correctness are promoting, and they are using the force of law to make sure that freedom of speech is stifled in the name of making sure no one is ever offended.

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