Man Arrested Immediately for Talking Over 3 Minutes at City Meeting

Hanson is being charged with “disrupting a public meeting or procession” and resisting arrest.

Footage shot at a City Council meeting in Gonzales, Texas shows a man being immediately arrested by police after he goes over his three minute talking limit while complaining about federal authorities taking over the local police force.

Mike Hanson, who used to work alongside Alex Jones during the radio host’s cable access days, began his talk by saying he would hold Mayor Bobby Logan “personally responsible” for the Gonzales Police Department being “taken over by the ATF, the DEA and God knows what else.”

Hanson then turns his frustration to the local media, accusing two newspapers of refusing to cover the issue because they are afraid of reprisals from the feds.

“We’ve got unannounced people coming into town, secret police….you’ve got black ski-mask thugs running around who will not identify themselves….they’re stealing people’s personal property, their money, their cars, they call it asset forfeiture seizure….we need to stop this,” states Hanson.

Hanson goes on to draw attention to other police brutality issues, before telling the Council members that he should be allowed the equivalent speaking time of eight people.

Source: Info Wars

A Council member then tells Hanson his time is up before signaling to a police officer who approaches Hanson and begins to arrest him within ten seconds.

“They do not want this out in this town!” asserts Hanson as he is being handcuffed. Hanson threatens to sue to the cop for false arrest before one of the Council members claims that each individual is restricted to three minutes talking time.

“The feds are taking over our county, you better wake up!” Hanson yells as he is led out of the building.

“Where are you taking me? You’re kidnapping me for freedom of speech,” Hanson tells the cops as he asserts that he should have been given the combined talking time of eight people.

“You’re being taken over and you know it, you’re being taken over by the feds,” states Hanson as he is led to a police cruiser.

Was he ever heard from again?

We shall see.




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