Maltese Journalist Who Published Clinton-Linked Panama Papers Dies in Car Bomb Explosion

With regard to the damning nature of the Panama Papers, not yet published or revealed, Peter Schweizer, in his book “Clinton Cash” was able to derive much of the flowchart that led from the Clintons directly to this Uranium One deal through other sources.  The people involved and the methods used were also a subject of an investigation by the FBI, headed at that time by James Comey, who was looking into why the names of prominent American politicians were in these papers.  They even requested Schweizer to appear before an inquisition about how he came to these conclusions and what were his sources.

“Several key figures in the uranium deal that sent 20 percent of American uranium production into the hands of the Russian government had offshore entities created by Mossack Fonseca. Frank Giustra used the firm to create UrAsia Energy, the company that acquired lucrative uranium concessions in Kazakhstan with the help of Bill Clinton back in 2005. UrAsia Energy eventually became Uranium One, which acquired uranium assets in the United States and then was sold to the Russian State Nuclear Agency (ROSATOM) in 2010.

Because of the obvious national security implications of turning over control of large quantities of uranium to the Russian government, the deal required approval from Hillary Clinton’s State Department before it could go forward. Nine shareholders in Uranium One sent a combined $145 million to the Clinton Foundation. Some of those contributions were not disclosed by the Clinton Foundation. Uranium One Chairman Ian Telfer sent the Clinton Foundation more than $2 million. Those contributions were revealed first in Clinton Cash and discovered using Canadian tax records.

All of this was being done under the very nose of the Obama administration.  When Eric Holder years earlier had been given this information, he then shared it with the president and it was then hushed up.  That is, until 2016 when a whistleblower with the law firm Mossack Fonseca out of Panama sent a cache of 11.5M documents to a German newspaper reporter, stating that he feared for his life and would not reveal his name.  Once the authenticity of the papers was confirmed, they were handed out to journalists all over the world to disseminate what they could from the information.

One of those journalists was a young investigative reporter with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) in Washington, Matthew Caruana Galizia.  He, in turn, sent the documents to his mother in Malta, who then derived a reputation out of exposing corrupt officials and corporations, for which she ultimately paid with her life.  In the interim, however, the ICIJ also exposed the American corruption.

The Obama administration knew how this would all look for the prospective Democrat candidate for president and sought to hide this information by instructing his attorney general to withhold any mention of the findings of the Department of Justice from the Congressional intelligence committees!

In 2016, when the Panama Papers were published, the mainstream media was deafeningly silent, burying the stories in the back pages, or outright refusing to cover it.  This has, in turn, hurt the Democrat Party in a most profound way by not only exposing the corruption in the media, but also in showing that it was, in fact, the Democrat Party, not the Trump campaign, that colluded with Russia.

Is it any wonder that Barack Obama has admitted that they were watching closely the Russians during the election cycle?  Obama, Holder, Hillary and Podesta wanted to ensure that they would not trip up and reveal any information about this collusion before the election.

Turn to the final page of this report to read about Podesta's personal involvement, in addition to NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio!




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