Make a Pesticide-Free Mosquito Trap

Make a Pesticide-Free Mosquito Trap

This simple but highly effective mosquito trap can literally kill thousands of mosquitoes per night without the use of pesticides.

We all shun these annoying pests, but spraying poisons around isn’t the answer. But this simple DIY setup can help keep you and your loved ones mosquito bite-free, and safely! Sometimes, the cure can be more damaging than the disease and when pesticides become part of the ‘cure,’ it’s a good bet there will be unforeseen problems later.

The ingenious project in the video after the break is simple to make, quite portable and later in the clip, Dan even demonstrates a handy off-grid option to slay thousands of mosquitoes even when you’re remote from mains electricity (at a cabin or during a blackout, for example).

Don’t take these pesky insects lightly! Not only are their bites annoying, mosquitoes can spread some pretty deadly diseases. They might not affect you that way, but children and the elderly can be at risk. Even if it’s just for the sake of comfort, you’ll be glad you set this up!

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