Madeline Albright Wants to Register as Muslim

Madeline Albright Wants to Register as Muslim

Madeline Albright, the former secretary of state under the Clinton Administration has responded to Donald Trump's temporary ban on refugees by stating that she is ready to register as a Muslim. Her reasoning is bizarre.

There are two things here that should really be addressed. One, listing out all of the religions you've participated in like you're filling out a job application doesn't mean anything to anybody. If Lindsey Lohan can become a Muslim, a woman who has absolutely no relevance in modern society isn't going to be much of a shock factor. Two, she's almost eighty years old. It's doubtful that she would be able to get on the ground and pray five times a day without either a mini forklift or the help of somebody who isn't Muslim.

And let's not forget about the biggest factor here . . . President Trump really doesn't care, and chances are that Muslims don't either. She might as well be Rosie O'Donnell.

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