Lynch Overruled FBI: Obama Admin can Deny Firearms Sales to those on Terrorist Watch Lists

Lynch Overruled FBI: Obama Admin can Deny Firearms Sales to those on Terrorist Watch Lists

The Democrats are once again attempting to use the Constitution as toilet paper. Their continual misreading and circumventing of the foundational document of our country is almost treasonous and should be remedied by multiple hangings at dawn. Instead, the hapless Republicans, who should be reminded that they are the majority party in both the House and the Senate, are negotiating with the lawless and ethics free party of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as the Democrats seek to violate the Constitution and undo investigations by the FBI aimed at rooting out terrorists. That is just so backwards that there are no words adequate to describe their evil priorities and agenda.

Let's start with the basics. There are Muslim terrorists who hate virtually everyone in the world who does not subscribe to their particular brand of Islam. These Muslim jihadis are sneaking in to various countries, setting up cells, including in the U.S., and killing innocent men, women and children to advance their insane ideology. The response by the Obama administration is to invite more of these unvetted terrorists into our country, put them on the public dole, and wait for the next shoe to drop.

When the next shoe does drop as it did last weekend when an Islamic terrorist went into a “gun-free” nightclub/zone and murdered 49 unarmed people and wounded dozens more, the Democrat talking points are almost universal and instantaneous. Their demand is to disarm most law-abiding public and make them sitting ducks for the next Islamic terrorist attack as well as from run of the mill criminals who will certainly not give up their weapons. And lest we forget, Muslim terrorists killed almost 3,000 people with box cutters on 9/11, so getting rid of guns is certainly not the solution.

Now Obama and the Democrats are working on violating the Constitution again by taking away rights enshrined in that document and concurrently destroying anti-terrorism cases the FBI is working on, all so that they can say they are dealing with the “gun problem.” We do not have a gun problem, we have a common sense problem and an attitude problem where the Democrats think they can decree a plan and make it law without checking to see if it is legal. They are not royalty, but they act as if they are.

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