Lynch To Muslims: Call The DOJ and the DOE If Your Kids Get Bullied In School

Attorney General Loretta Lynch didn’t stop there. She went on to say that some things need to be solved with lawsuits. People will always find ways to victimize themselves if they’re motivated enough.

Lynch said both the federal agencies “provide guidance to schools on how to handle situations where students come to them and they feel bullied.”

The attorney general added that their children may not have the “tools” to argue back or talk back when challenged, presumably by American kids.

“So we are very, very active in that front as well,” Lynch said. “And so what I would urge people to do if you are aware of situations where children are involved, please contact the Department of Justice and the Department of Education.”

The education department defines “bullying” very broadly, justifying federal intervention in many schoolyard disputes or political arguments among teenagers.

“Bullying is defined as a form of unwanted, aggressive behavior among school-age children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance and that is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time…  Verbal bullying is a form of intentional aggression that involves saying or writing things that are mean or hurtful to others.”

Writing things that are mean or hurtful to others . . . how’s that for hypocrisy? Everything that gets written by the liberal media is mean or hurtful to somebody. That also classifies music, films, and many other forms of art as “bullying”. And according to that definition, favoring Muslim children over other religions is bullying, as well.


Image: Bossip



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