Lynch, Clinton and Soros Officials Caught Up in Senate Investigation

Sometimes the wheels of justice turn very slowly. It can be exasperating. No doubt the people of Chicago felt that way during the years that gang warfare by those such as Al Capone sought to control the illicit liquor trade. Nevertheless, he was eventually brought down.

We might well be about to witness a similar occurrence as those on the left who have engaged in corruption at a level that is almost impossible to imagine get what’s coming to them.

The Senate Judiciary Committee announced Friday it sent four investigatory letters, including one to former Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

The letters, dated Thursday and signed by the committee’s bipartisan leadership, demand answers and documents related to the 2016 investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server, especially reports that Clinton campaign operatives expressed confidence Lynch would keep that investigation from “going too far.”

The demand comes as the Judiciary Committee investigates the circumstances surrounding the dismissal of ex-FBI Director James Comey, in which the material may take on a new significance.

Obviously the Republicans would love to see people such as Lynch and Clinton brought to justice. But could it also be that the Democrats are tired of having to expend political capital in running interference for these political has-beens?

After all, the Clintons are yesterday’s leaders in spite of the permanently elevated amount of hubris that runs through their veins. Put another way, has Hillary overplayed her hand with the members of her party to the point that they are just fed up with her, and wish she’d just go away?

You couldn’t blame the Democrats for believing that way. After all, what has she done for them lately? What can she do in the future other than create controversy and remind Americans what a crook she is? Who wants her to campaign for them?

There are Democrats who are swift enough to know that this whole mess isn’t helping the party in the way they might have hoped.

The New York Times reported this April that not only had Lynch told then-Director Comey in September of 2015 to refer to the investigation of Secretary Clinton and her staff as a “matter,” but that the Justice Department  obtained a Russian document in March 2016 showing a “Democratic operative” expressing “confidence that Ms. Lynch would keep the Clinton investigation from going too far.”

The Washington Post followed up in May, calling the document “dubious” but identifying it as a Russian report on an alleged email between Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Leonard Bernardo, the Eurasia Director of leftist billionaire George Soros’s infamous Open Societies Foundations. The Russian report is said to have claimed Wasserman Schultz assured Bernardo that Attorney General Lynch had been in contact with senior Clinton staffer Amanda Renteria and told the campaign the investigation would not go too far.

Comey is in trouble too, and it’s pretty clear he has something to cover up as well. This certainly does nothing to instill confidence in the FBI.

Comey, during his celebrated post-firing testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, confirmed that that meeting also played into his decision to make his public remarks on the Clinton investigation. At the same hearing, Comey confirmed that Lynch did, in fact, tell him to refer to the criminal investigation as a “matter,” and that request “concerned and confused” him.

Comey refused to answer a question about the Russian document posed by Grassley in his Judiciary Committee testimony while still FBI Director. In his post-firing testimony, as he confirmed the “call it a matter” request, Comey hinted that there were further actions taken by Lynch with regard to the Clinton investigation “which I cannot talk about yet.”

It is very possible that this investigation that the Democrats initially wanted to pursue aggressively might blow up in their faces. However, once they started the process, it’s likely to play out to its conclusion. And this is looking less likely to be a conclusion the Democrats are going to be happy about.

Source: Breitbart



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