Lynch to BLM: Don’t Get Discouraged

Lynch to BLM: Don’t Get Discouraged

Perhaps it is simply impossible for black politicians to be objective and not take sides when speaking to “the folks.”

Barack Obama is the poster boy for bias. He entered the presidency and the public was giddy with the thought that his administration would heal the nation of racial bias. In fact, racism is worse now than it has been in decades, with Obama stoking the anti-white and anti-police fires as he encourages groups like Black Lives Matter and takes sides on violent racial confrontations before he can possibly have had a chance to review the facts. And he always comes down on the side of the African American. Attorney General Holder was as bad or worse and was clearly motivated by racism in a number of instances. Both these men have a racial chip on their shoulder and are determined to make others pay for the imagined slights they or their racial brethren have felt over the years.

Sadly, the same can now be said of Attorney General Loretta Lynch. She was presented as a very professional, ethical choice to replace Holder, and once again, most people, both black and white, felt that she would be a balanced, unbiased leader of the Justice Department, without the racial animus that marked Holders tenure. But her recent talking points in the wake of violence between blacks and police officers show that she will have an automatic response that is in support of her ethnic equals, even if she does not have the facts of a case at hand.

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