Lynch to Accept FBI Recommendation Regarding Hillary Email Investigation

After news of Hillary Clinton's email scandal broke, many thought her indictment would be a no-brainer and take place within weeks of the incident. After all, why should Hillary be treated any different from any other political figure who has done the same thing? The answer to that is corrupt in itself . . . Loretta Lynch. It would seem that the Clinton's relationship with Lynch has slowed down the process tremendously. And with Hillary Clinton set to be the Democratic presidential candidate, it makes you wonder exactly what's happening behind the scenes.

It turns out that the Clinton's aren't as secretive as they thought they were.

After news broke that Bill Clinton met with Loretta Lynch about Hillary's emails, Conservatives had a field day, and rightfully so. Many suspected that Lynch was going to postpone the Hillary Clinton hearings until after the elections, but new reports are stating that she plans on following what ever recommendations the prosecutors and FBI investigators have for her. The question now is where they stand on the matter.

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