Louis Farrakhan Leads ‘Death to America’ Chant in Iran

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan made his way to Iran ahead of the reimplementation of sanctions, targeting the oil industry, by the Trump administration. The notorious anti-semite led chants of “death to America” and “death to Israel.”

“Marg bar” the footage shows Farrakhan declaring; “Israel,” the audience responds. “Marg bar,” repeats Farrakhan; “Āmrikā,” the audience chants.

The moment took place Sunday during his trip to Iran in which he declared his solidarity with the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism against America, which he condemned for sanctioning Iran and for its support for Saudi Arabia, Algemeiner reports.

“Today, I warn the American government that sanctioning Iran is a big mistake,” he said during a meeting with Iran's Expediency Council Sec. Mohsen Rezaei, according to Iranian news agency Mehr.

America, he said, is “plotting” to undermine Iran's interests. “I understand how the enemies have plotted against the Iranian people and I would like to stay alongside you to stop their plots,” said Farrakhan, describing America's alliance with Saudi Arabia as the work of “Satan,” who “seeks to divide Muslims and wants them to kill each other, while God tells us in the Quran to be united.”

According to Iran's Tasnim News Agency and Iranian state news, Farrakhan conducted the “Death to Israel” chant during a talk with students at the University of Tehran law school. “America has never been a democracy and has always leaned towards the wealthy and powerful class,” he told the students before leading the chant.


Source: Daily Wire

Image: Wikicommons


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