Lou Dobbs: Obama is Carrying Out Psyops on the American People

One main purpose of Obama’s politically correct verbiage seems to be to diminish the anger Americans and the world have had for Islam, which is actually the root of most world terrorism today. And while the terrorists may, as Obama claims, be practicing a “perverted” form of Islam, it is nevertheless true that tens of millions of adherents subscribe to that perversion and agree with the objectives being preached which are world domination by the religion and the subjugation of all other religions and peoples.

The bigger question is why Obama is so intent on misdirecting the efforts of people to understand and fight against Islamic terrorism, which is the biggest world challenge and effort at world domination in 70 years.

It was interesting that Trump seemed to get under Obama’s skin by questioning the president’s motives and objectives, which no one else has been willing to do for the past eight years. Obama’s extreme reaction to being called out raises additional questions in and of itself. But the political class, including many Republicans and certainly the main stream media, are circling the wagons to protect Obama against Trumps’ “impertinence,” and to make sure that Obama does not actually have to answer the very provocative questions.

It must be Ground Hog day in June.




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