Losing It: Young Turks vs Alex Jones and Roger Stone

While some media observers accuse Jones of wandering where is not welcome, it should be noted that during the entire exchange between him and Uygur, he is calm and collected while the Young Turks host becomes increasingly agitated as the video goes in. In fact, Uygur goes out of his way to insult Stone, who is not even on the stage when he starts shouting at him:

“It appears that part of Uygur and Stone’s intense exchange revolved around the latter’s alleged role in the prostitution scandal that embroiled former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer in 2008, one that eventually led to his resignation. The allegation that Uygur is referring to stems from the governor liking to be intimate with escorts while wearing socks. Jones appears to be coaxing Stone to get on The Young Turks’ stage during their livestream on YouTube, but was rebuffed by Ugyur who said that this isn’t his [Jones] ‘f**king show.'”


Source: Townhall



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