Los Angeles Seeks To Drop ‘Columbus Day’ for ‘Indigenous People’s Day’

Los Angeles  Seeks To Drop ‘Columbus Day’ for ‘Indigenous People’s Day’

Los Angeles seeks to join a number of cities that have opted replace Columbus Day with politically-correct alternatives. Yes, if councilman Mitch O’Farrell has his way, Angelenos will soon be celebrating Indigenous People’s Day instead of Columbus Day.

Such a move would hardly be just cosmetic, however. If Indigenous People’s Day is officially adopted as a holiday by the city of LA, then city workers will be entitled to having the day off and still getting paid, further necessitating the push to scrap Columbus Day, which similarly permits municipal employees to take the day off without fear of having their pay docked.

Guess councilman O’Farrell realized that if he had to throw somebody under the bus, who better than Columbus, an old, white European male?

Yes, we can go back and forth about the treatment of the Indians and whether or not Columbus technically discovered America, but to deny his genuine accomplishments – namely, successfully traversing the Atlantic Ocean – and trying to scrub him from American life is an exercise in foolishness.

See more politically-correct responses to Columbus Day at the link below:

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