Los Angeles’ Bid For 2024 Olympics Pumps It As “Northern Capital Of Latin America”

The committee for the 2024 games is boasting about how much LA has changed since 1984–how much more welcoming it will be due to the influx of latinos.  What it does not say is the influx of latinos are primarily illegal immigrants who are living in the ghetto areas surrounding the Coliseum.  East LA is famous for its latino community.  Fifty years ago most of that latino population were here legally, but as Central America and Mexico declined due to wars and economics, the surge of illegals settled into that community.  The direct area around the Coliseum is one of the most crime ridden gang infested areas in the country.  South Central, which encompasses Compton is the location of the Coliseum–which is not mentioned in the video.

Considering the region has been among the top spots for unauthorized immigrants, home to the most sanctuary cities, and is near a city that just named undocumented immigrants to serve on city commissions, the designation likely won’t go over that well with the taxpayers.

Pew Research says more than half of all unauthorized immigrants come from south of the U.S. border.

The video is comprised of beauty shots of iconic L.A. spots and declares the city to be:

“The Western Capital of the United States. The Northern Capital of Latin America. The Eastern Capital of the Pacific Rim. The City made of 100 nations.”

The public relation firm pumping the 2024 bid goes on to say:

The L.A. Olympic Committee features a statement from Mayor Eric Garcetti saying that hosting the games would “show the world how much has changed” since the 1984 Summer Olympics…

Changed it has.  Those from LA state that if they were traveling to the Coliseum and surrounding areas, “don't do it at night, and take a weapon”.


Source: Independent Journal



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