Loomer, Illegal Immigrants Jump Nancy Pelosi’s Mansion Wall, Demand Sanctuary

Conservative activist Laura Loomer carried out a live stream protest on Monday by jumping the stone wall at one of Nancy Pelosi's mansions with a couple illegal immigrants.

Daily Beast reporter Will Sommer first reported Loomer’s protest and live-tweeted the activity on Pelosi’s property in Napa, California.

In the two hours she spent there, Loomer carried a tent around the yard and shouted “Nancy, Nancy!” She also attempted to enter Pelosi’s home but did not because the doors were locked. Loomer was then escorted off the property and issued a warning for trespassing, according to Sommer.

Loomer was accompanied by men she said were undocumented immigrants. Sommer reported that the men did not provide identification to police.


Source: Daily Dot


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