“Lone Survivior” Suprising Statement On Obama Gun Control

The new gun control proposal by President Obama seems benign enough to many people, even folks like former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, who the movie “Lone Survivor” was based on. Unfortunately, for many people, the unintended consequences are not immediately seen, though one could certainly assume that Obama is fully aware of how his “modest” orders will quickly spin out of control.  As Luttrell stated, “when you start messing with the Constitution and what this country was founded on, our baseline is what we call it. It just opens up too many doors.”

“You start messing with that, then people can say, ‘Well your religion kills people, so let’s start messing with that,’” Luttrell suggested. Or what about “stuff on the news, or social media, it affected, it killed somebody. So I think if you’re going to make a decision like that it can’t be a one-man deal. It’s got to be both houses and the people coming together in unanimous decision when you start messing with the Constitution.”

This makes sense, with elected representatives making law, and the executive providing support and direction. The president simply should not be making law, and Luttrell seems to understand that. Later, however, he went completely off the tracks.

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