London set to Elect Muslim Mayor with Extremist Ties

London set to Elect Muslim Mayor with Extremist Ties

Much has been made about the Islamification of Europe over the last several years, and with good reason.  Virtually every major European city has entire neighborhoods where Jews and Christians dare not enter.  These neighborhoods are essentially run under Sharia Law, as even the police are too afraid to patrol there.

If you are a regular reader of Truth and Action, you are well aware of the unprecedented breakout of sexual assaults in Germany and across the European continent on New Years Eve.  While New Years was the most widespread and well-known report of sexual assaults, it is far from an isolated incident, and it is not the only example of the Islamification of Europe.

The major city of Bristol, England recently canceled St. George’s day and banned the English flag, believing that both could be offensive to Muslims.  Now, England is set to go one step further.

This Thursday, Londoners will vote for a new mayor, and if the polls are correct, they are set to elect a Muslim with a history of anti-Semitic support — and who defended a 9/11 terrorist!

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