London Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan Bans Sexy Women from Ads

London Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan Bans Sexy Women from Ads

It is not often that politically correct liberal ideology and strict observance of the Muslim faith — or perhaps any religious faith — strive to achieve the same goals.  But it appears that is exactly what happened in London this week.

Last month, Londoners went to the polls and elected the first Muslim mayor of any major Western European city, Sadiq Khan.  Khan — a former member of Parliament and a member of the Labour Party — defeated the Conservative Zac Goldsmith 57% to 43%.  Londoners elected Khan by a 14% margin despite allegations of several ties to extremists in his past.

Just this Monday, Khan announced that thin, attractive, sexy women would no longer be allowed to appear on public advertisements around the city of London.  The mayor cites the politically correct social justice crusade of “body shaming” — not his Islamic faith — for the decision.

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