London Mayor Announces Plan for Knife Control

London Mayor Announces Plan for Knife Control

After a surge of recent stabbings in London the city has overtaken New York’s monthly murder tally for the first time in modern history.

London suffered 22 fatal stabbings and shootings in March, compared to 21 in New York. The capital city has seen 10 fatal stabbings in the last 19 days and 80 fatal stabbings recorded in the city last year.

What’s going on here?

The Leftist British media couldn’t stop gushing after London elected their first Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan. But in the short year and a half since he’s was elected to office, England has completely changed. Violent crime has skyrocketed.

Of course, the mayor’s response was hardly one of taking responsibility. Khan placed blame on an excess of knives in the city. Apparently, in England knives are able to jump into people hands and force them to start running around stabbing others.

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