List Of Major Corporations Who Oppose The Second Amendment

The following is a list of businesses that have distanced themselves from the National Rifle Association in the wake of the 2018 Parkland shooting.

First National Bank of Omaha announced it would be cancelling NRA Visa cards, which contained the organizations' logo and offered a $40 dollar sign up bonus.  Why did the largest bank in the united States cancel the NRA's credit line?  Simple;  customer feedback caused the bank to rethink its association with the NRA.

ThinkProgress shamed these companies and called them to ask if they were going to continue having a relationship with the NRA, where members can receive discounts on certain services. In the State of Texas, where most individuals associate a strong support for the Second Amendment by government, Dallas mayor pro tem Dwaine Caraway indicated the NRA would be met with opposition should it hold to its plans to hold its annual convention in Dallas.  Caraway called for the organization to move its convention out of Dallas claiming, “There will be marches and demonstrations should they come to Dallas.”  Not all Dallas city council members agree with Caraway, claiming the organization has every right to hold their convention in Dallas.

This shows the mindset of the anti-constitutionalist individual.  The individual blames the NRA for a mass shooting incident where children were murdered and support of the Second Amendment, urges businesses to cease offering some transactions to the organization, while he or she cheers when government subsidizes Planned Parenthood hence using taxpayer money of pro-life citizens to murder babies in the womb.  These same individuals always yell, “we need to stop the murder of children in the schools,” as they champion mothers murdering their unborn.  If children held any value to anti-constitutionalists, the murder of just one, by any means to include murder in the womb, would be abhorrent to these people.  But, children mean very little or these individuals would choose to preserve an unborn child's life.

This hypocritical, impassioned, unreasonable, sensationalist faction intent on forcing their ideology on everyone else, expressing adversity to the rights of other citizens, whether it is liked or not, is what the Founding Father's envisioned the Constitution controlling its “effects” since it is unfeasible to control the cause.  Yet, the federal government has jumped in with both feet to support, promote, and revere this “faction” instead of controlling the effects it has while attempting to silence the opposing constitutionalist faction through shaming, ridicule, and oppression.  James Madison warned that a weak government, as was under the Articles of Confederation, was as much a danger to liberty as a strong one.  Weak government allowed a “Democratic tyranny” or majority/minority faction rule that limited the rights of other citizens instead of controlling the effects of faction to ensure liberty and the rights of all citizens.

Are we not seeing a faction that does not hold the majority, but the minority, exerting “Democratic tyranny” in calling for the removal of the citizens' right to keep and bear arms producing a threat to liberty?  And, what is government doing to control the effects of this faction?  In some cases, the government works alongside this faction to engage in tyranny when it basically denies Christian businesses the right to hold to their religious beliefs by forcing, through coercion, these entities to participate in sinful acts, according to their religion.  Yet, government does not apply the same standard when it involves non-Christian businesses, allowing business owners with other religious beliefs to discriminate against some consumers.  This “faction” serves the corrupt government agenda;  therefore, it will receive government protection while the other hand of government works to remove God-given unalienable rights from the rest of the people.

It is time constitutionalists stood up to be heard by contacting these companies to voice an opposing viewpoint to the anti-constitutionalists gun grabbers.  Most hold business hours from 8 am to 5 pm ET.

Life Line Screening – link to email form


Starkey Hearing Technologies – link to email form, access under “Contact”


ManageUrID – no online form found for email


Life Insurance Central —  link to email form

1-800-789-3112, ext. 6124

Medical Concierge Network – link to email form, still offering discounts to NRA members


eHealth – no link for email, press inquiries can be made here


Lockton – link to email form, various offices

1-816-960-9000 – Kansas City office

Hotel Planner – link to contact form,  use “General” in list on right side


Vinesse Wines – link to snail mail address and phone number;  Still showing preference to NRA


FedEx – link to email form;  Still showing alliance with NRA

1-800-GoFedEx;  1-800-463-3339

First National Bank of Omaha – link to email form;  number to request specific bank


Enterprise Rent A Car – link to email form

1-855-266-9565, customer service

Alamo Rent A Care – link to email form


National Rent A Car – link to email form “customer service and support”


Symantec (Norton Security Products) – link to form, go through selections


Life Lock Identity Protection – link to customer service page


MetLife – link to contact info;  click “contact us” in upper right hand corner of page


Chubb (carry guard insurance for gun owners) – link to contact page

No phone found

SimpliSafe (home security system) – link to email form


TelaDoc (online doctor service) – link to corporate address page


Hertz Rent A Car – link to customer support page featuring Live Chat


Allied Van Lines – link to “contact us” page;  scroll halfway down for email

1-800-470-2851, option 3

North American Van Lines – link to “contact us” page with email


Avis Rent A Car – link to “comments and feedback” page;  choose “other” in dropdown box


Budget Rent A Car – link to snail mail address and phone number


Wild Apricot (web hosting) – link to snail mail address


TrueCar (automotive information and car discount) – link to email form

1-888-TrueCar;  1-888-878-3227

Source: Freedom Outpost



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