List of Fourteen Republicans Who Accepted Money From George Soros in 2016

Billionaire financier George Soros has an agenda. That agenda is the weakening of the nation-state in preparation for rule by various globalist entities. Hence, he would find Mr. Trump’s “America First” campaign to be especially offensive. Because of this, we have seen him finance organizations that vigorously oppose Mr. Trump such as Black Lives Matter. We also see him arguing against national sovereignty:

Soros believes, as he writes in The Age of Fallibility: Democracy, Human Rights and Open Society, that “sovereignty is an anachronistic concept,” a conviction that explains his push for the principle of open borders that also characterizes the European Union.

Not satisfied with just supporting globalist causes in his efforts to weaken America in preparation for his hoped-for international take over of our nation, he has funded groups committing violent acts such as those seen at the demonstrations in Ferguson, Missouri.

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