Limbaugh: The West is ‘Coasting’ on the ‘Capital of Past Generations’

On Wednesday, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh warned that Western civilization is riding on fumes because socialists have pilfered the wealth that our country has accumulated over the generations since our founding.

But I have this creeping little gnawing fear that courses through the deep, dark crevices of my brain every day that the greatness of this country, that the sustainability of the greatness and uniqueness of this country that stems to our very founding is coasting. In other words, we have built up a reservoir generation after generation after generation of people who were aware of how America came to be and why and had great reverence for that and respect for it.

They were educated to understand the uniqueness of America and how it came to be. The notion found throughout our founding documents that it is the citizens’ freedom that dominates the structure of the United States, not the government, not the people in the government.

The founding documents of our country were written to limit what the government can do. Nowhere else at any time in human history short of Magna Carta had that ever happened. And everybody growing up, every generation from the founding ’til what? At what point in the 1900s was taught this? And they had a reverence for it and a respect for it.

There have always been leftists, there have always been communists, there have always been socialists that don’t like the concept of human freedom. They want all power invested in government. They’ve always been there, but they have never been a dominant force. And they certainly never had a place in one of the two primary political parties in this country. They had their own party, the Communist Party USA or the Green Party or this or that party, and they were forever minority.

But today, those people now have a home in the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party has been and is in the process of being taken over by people who do not respect and do not like and do not appreciate and have no interest in preserving America, as founded. We are surviving this onslaught, as I say, by virtue of decades and decades, generation after generation of accumulated — what would you call it, capital? We’re surviving, we’re coasting, we’re heading down the road here surviving based on years and years and years of devotion to the principles and traditions and institutions that founded this country.

Now, my fear is we have reached a point where that has not been taught in two or three generations, maybe two, that instead it has been taught that America is not this special place. That, in fact, America is a problem, because America is the home of, say, anti-gay bigotry or anti-transgender this or of racism or of bigotry. That America is no longer the solution to the world’s problems. That America is not the moral force for leadership and decency, the beacon of freedom.

That America is somehow this oppressive place which only grants its special freedoms to certain groups, white Christian men, while everybody else is subjugated and subordinated to the racism, sexism, bigotry of the white Christian males who end up forever running the country. And this is what young people have been taught intensely, propagandized intensely for how long? We don’t know. Would you peg it back to when? I was not taught this.

The things I have just said to you that describe America as the problem in the world, I was never taught one word of that. I had to learn that people think that by listening to them. When I was in school, even my one semester in college, there was nobody teaching that America was the problem in the world that needed great reform, that America was inherently racist or sexist or any of that.

So it’s relatively new. And my fear is that we have survived not because of an ongoing awareness and battle against this, but instead we are surviving based on all of the years of education and understanding, and at some point — we’re coasting now. We’re coasting. This is my point.

Here’s a quote that illustrates the point. “Complex systems are incredibly difficult to build, somewhat less difficult to maintain, and quite easy to destroy.” A complex system would be the United States of America. A complex system would be the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence. “Complex systems are incredibly difficult to build…” In fact, ours is the only of its kind. “Somewhat less difficult to maintain…” but not easy. But, man, is it easy to destroy.

Well, the entire West, not just the United States, western civilization is coasting on the accumulated capital of previous generations, burning its inheritance in a wild bonfire. Eventually, what can’t be sustained won’t be. Meaning, think of all of the Vanderbilts. You know, Cornelius Vanderbilt invents the railroad and by the time his grandkids got hold of the money it was all gone. Because they were not at all educated or made aware or had to do anything to create that wealth or to produce it.

They were not even concerned about maintaining it. They thought it was always gonna be there. And the Vanderbilts are not the only one. It’s a somewhat similar situation here. You have to continue educating and informing people about what it is they’re inheriting and how great it is and how important it is to maintain it and grow it, and if that’s not done, which it hasn’t been, not at least in our universities, then what is gonna be the outcome of it? Then you add the other onslaughts like illegal immigration and other cultural interruptions, and, ergo, the concern.


Source: Rush Limbaugh


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