Limbaugh: Mueller Will Attempt to Ruin Trump by Nullifying Tax Deduction

President Trump has amassed an interesting and diverse collection of political enemies, and friends, for that matter. We can expect the Democrats to attack him. After all, he defeated the woman who was purported to be predestined to be the nation's first female president. The humiliations Hillary and her compatriots have suffered are difficult to fathom. The best indication we get is continued attacks in the media, and Hillary's insufferable sore-loser, worldwide book tour.

Then there are the Republicans who got steamrollered by President Trump during the Republican primaries. Jeb Bush was allowed to look pitiful and weak, something for which neither he nor his family will ever forgive Mr. Trump. There are plenty of others who have it in for President Trump. Among these are the neocons both in Congress and in the media. These might include the “Never Trumpers.”

None of this seems to bother the president much. In fact, he seems to feed on the controversy, and clearly has no problem responding in forceful and somewhat blunt ways.

Yet Rush Limbaugh is concerned. And his concerns revolve around Special Counsel Mueller. More on page two.




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