Liberty Univ. President Reveals Little-Known Things About Donald Trump

Liberty Univ. President Reveals Little-Known Things About Donald Trump

Although it wasn't an official endorsement, Donald Trump earned some kind words from a very noteworthy source.

Jerry Falwell Jr. is president of Liberty University and son of Jerry Falwell. The late Falwell Sr. was one of the most powerful voices for both Christianity and conservatism, supporting Ronald Reagan in his first successful bid for the presidency and establishing Liberty University for people seeking a quality education free of left-wing bias.

With this background, it is no wonder that presidential candidates have been making their way to the university, hoping to speak before the young, politically-astute audience. Even Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, a socialist from the reliably blue state of Vermont, has stopped by Liberty University to make his case. But one candidate in particular has earned praise from the university's president, and it isn't Bernie Sanders.

The candidate who has wowed Falwell Jr is GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, who spoke at the university this week. Impressed by Trump's strength of character, Falwell spoke with Sean Hannity about why he likes Trump so much.

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