Liberals Upset that Trump is Avoiding WWIII

Liberals Upset that Trump is Avoiding WWIII

The past year has done wonders to expose the amount of irrational thinking taking place in America. Kids go to college to get an education, but it would seem that you can't actually get an education without also being indoctrinated into liberal politics. And exactly are liberal politics? Do they even know? There aren't any core principles. They believe the government should run everything, but they also believe just about anything that sounds good in their heads, which culminates in a blender full of mental vomit. They hear what they want to hear and nobody can change their mind. You can present fact upon fact, but you're always going to be wrong. And their hatred of our new president is based entirely on things that have been taken out of context.

For example, every narrative the left puts out revolves around Donald Trump being racist, homophobic and Islamaphobic. When did he say he hates any of those people? When did he say he hates black people or Mexicans? When did he say that he hates gay people? When did he say that he hates Muslims? Each of those things are based on speeches he made in which he talked about those groups, not in a negative way, but in a way meant to better their standing with the American people. But since it came from the mouth of a white Conservative, it must be full of bigoted implications.

And what about relations with Russia? The Internet has been full of chatter about Trump's relationship with Putin. Because he wants to restore relations with Russia, liberals are crying!

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