Liberals Paint Hillary As ‘Least Honest’ Democratic Candidate

Liberals Paint Hillary As ‘Least Honest’ Democratic Candidate

Things aren’t looking good for Hillary.

As the New Hampshire Democratic primary inches closer and closer, voters have emphatically rejected Clinton, a shocking blow to the candidate painted by the mainstream media as the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination. In fact, a CNN/WMUR poll revealed on Wednesday that a stunning 46% of New Hampshire Democrats consider Clinton to be the least honest candidate running for their party’s nomination. This represents a major lack of confidence in Clinton’s ability to not only keep her campaign promises but to handle affairs of state as well amongst the liberals whose votes she needs.

Even worse for her, enthusiasm for the dark horse candidate, the former-Independent Bernie Sanders, is building, with 50% of New Hampshire Democrats supporting him over Hillary’s 40% of voters, indicating the socialist senator from Vermont is finally overtaking the former Secretary of State on the campaign trail.

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