Liberals Love President Trump’s Tax Plan When Told It Was Bernie Sanders’

Campus Reform deployed their student journalist to ask college students what they thought of President Trump’s new proposed tax plan. The only catch? They told them it was a policy plan suggested by Bernie Sanders.

The ridiculous answers below are bound to stun! Liberal students, gaging from this video are completely nuts!


I applaud Campus Reform for fighting for the rights of conservative students and our great nation. However, I personally always choose to take videos like this with a grain of salt.

First off all, who really stands to benefit by making us believe that the only people who oppose our beliefs are stupid and weak? Isn’t that the same move being used by the left to fight President Trump?

What if there was a secret shadow government working to encourage civil discord or war by tricking both sides into believing the opposition was simple-mind and easily defeated….

These types of videos are typically highly edited. The lowest common denominator always carefully chosen to represent the ‘enemy’. Bernie Sanders fans make similar videos portraying Trump supporters to be complete laughable morons. They hand pick a few select uninformed interviewees and present it as what EVERYONE affiliated with a certain ideology beliefs.

Everybody does this to moderate success within their fan bases. Having said that the answers in the video above are epically stupid…





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