Liberal Nightmare: San Francisco’s Most Beautiful Spot Filled With Human Waste

Beautiful San Francisco, City by the Bay, City of the Golden Gate Bridge, the city of the biggest far left population this side of the Mississippi.  Liberals per capita in San Francisco is only second to that other place, Washington, DC.   Residents have been complaining of an area, called the Mission District, that is on San Francisco's tourist guides.

The Mission District has become a virtual cesspool, with feces, urine, vomit and people engaging in activities which usually occur in a secluded location, but are happening out in open during daylight.

Reports that came in from back in January to Mid-October of 2015 cited 2,600 calls to 311, the town's web portal, reporting over 250 pieces of large feces, urine, vomit and syringes.  The homeless have taken up residence in the Mission District, over following from the main city area.  It sounds reminiscent of the Occupy Wall Street crowds, how they left the areas they trespassed on.

The latest reports show that is it only getting worse.

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