Lesbian Bishop Deems Holy Bible Flawed and Orders Its Revision to Make God Gender-Neutral

As the Catholic Church began its descent into the unholy practice of altering its religious strictures, those that followed doctrine according to the laws set down in the Holy Book, they saw a sharp rebuke from those that were offended by the practice and ended their relationship with the Vatican through protests.  Hence the Protestant Church.

Many were responsible for this movement and it was so hated by the Catholic rulers that they ensnared Protestant leaders with lies of meetings or conferences and, when the leaders arrived, were either imprisoned for heresy or simply convicted and executed.

The practice of accepting pagan celebrations and morphing Catholic doctrine to “fit” with the pagan holidays and rituals was so anathema to what religious purists believed that many of those that chose to make the long perilous journey to the New World years later did so because they thought that the practice would end with their separation from the Catholic Church.

It didn't.  Now, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Sweden, established in 1536, has been steadily moving toward this same practice.

In fact, even today, the practice continues.  In Stockholm,  where the Church installed the first lesbian bishop, who then took it upon herself to order the removal of crosses and crucifixes in another church to appease Muslim worshippers and welcome them into their midst so that they might face Mecca without those terribly demeaning Christian symbols distracting them, the local bishop has now unilaterally decided that the Holy Bible is flawed and needs correction!

No longer will God be referred to as solely male, nor will He be called Lord.  These are exclusionary practices and this radical Leftist feminist has decided that she will not tolerate it!  Turn to the next page to read more!




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