‘Les Deplorabes’: Donald Trump Makes Dramatic Entrance at Miami Rally

‘Les Deplorabes’: Donald Trump Makes Dramatic Entrance at Miami Rally

Do you hear the people sing? It is the song of angry men and women — Trump supporters called “deplorable” by Hillary Clinton.

This week, Donald Trump responded to Hillary Clinton's ” deplorable” comments in a spectacular way. Rather than fight off the remarks, Trump embraced the attack with dramatic flair. Literally.

At a recent event in Miami, FL, Trump took to the stage accompanied by a song from the 1987 Broadway musical Les Miserables. Behind Trump was a backdrop depicting the musical's most famous scene — a group of rebels waving the banner of revolution. Only in Trump's version, the flags¬†were American, not French.

Above him were the words “Les Deplorables.”

Hopefully, the theme of revolution is where the similarities end for Trump. That's because — spoiler alert — it didn't go too well for the rebels in Les Mis. Their movement died — as did most of their men.

Still, it's an amusing play on words, and a way to keep Hillary's regrettable comments in the forefront of American minds.

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