Legislation in House Permits Obama Third Term

Legislation in House Permits Obama Third Term

To give Obama a third term would take a Constitutional amendment and would seemingly be difficult: currently requiring 3/4 of the states to ratify.

However, with Obama having so easily dismantled much of our Constitution with Congress and the media being complicit in silence, I am forced to wonder if somehow there is a plan for his third term in the works and how difficult it would actually be for them too pull off.

We also have Arnold Schwarzenegger talking about changing the Constitution to allow him to run. More voices that espouse the belief that our Constitution is somehow flawed.

Ready for a third term with Barack?

Once again, Representative Jose Serrano, a Democrat from New York, has introduced his perennial legislation calling for a Constitutional Amendment to remove the limitation on the number of terms an individual may serve as president of the United States. The current generation is H.J.Res.15 — 113th Congress (2013-2014) In the past, when the Congressman has put forth these similar pieces of legislation, I have just kind of smiled and thought him as a little bit eccentric, knowing that it wasn’t going anywhere.


Rep. Serrano has introduced the identical proposal to Congress every two years since 1997 (a total of nine times), during both Republican and Democrat administrations. However, now, with the most dangerous occupant of the White House in the history of our nation poised to be able to reap benefits from such legislation, I’m no longer smiling. I’m more than a little concerned.

Of course, a Constitutional Amendment is not an easy thing to come by, with two-thirds of the House and Senate approval of the proposal needed in order to forward it on to the states for a vote. A Constitutional Convention called by two thirds of the legislatures of all states could alternatively be convened and amendment proposals authored and approved.

In either form, the states would then have the deciding voice, with a threshold of three fourths voting in the affirmative for ratification. Having seen this regime in action for the last five years, it is apparent that there is no limit to the depths of circumvention of our legal system or of the intent of our constitution to which they are willing to go.

If they have an avenue of argument upon which to base a semi-valid claim, they will push against the people and our forefathers in order to gain additional power or to solidify that which they already have.



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