Legally Concealed Carry Citizen Kills Robber At Waffle House

A Waffle House customer with a legally concealed weapon, saved both the staff and other customers when he shot an armed robber in North Charleston, S.C. The customer, who is choosing to remain unidentified shot the suspect, who was rushed to the hospital but died from his wounds.

One police officer on the scene speaking on the condition of anonymity said the customer’s actions are an example of how guns in the right hands can save people, saying, “It’s says something about firearms, for good people with firearms being in the right hands.”

Both police officers and the waffle house employees praised the customer for his actions, saying that he saved their lives. And he did. But you won’t find any reports of his heroics in the media, because, according to them, all guns and the people who own them are bad. That’s sound logic . . . not.





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